The world is going digital and brands are investing heavily in maintaining a strong social media presence. The fact that 78% of the US population is on social media makes it all the more important for brands to appeal to the customers via social media. 

Social Media is a vital tool to build brand awareness. Even B2B businesses are making their presence felt on social media. With cut-throat competition, most brands find it difficult in crafting appealing content to stay relevant on social media. 

If you too are facing this problem, worry no more! You have a template based on Kimberly Ann Jimenez’s blog to help you out. Kimberly is a digital marketing strategist and creator of The Business Lounge. She stresses the fact the social media strategy should be centered around specific goals. As she believes that before crafting content or publishing it, brands need to be specific on the purpose of the content. 

From brand awareness to boosting customer support, the goals for social media marketing could be different. We recommend you to try this template in order to get your social media marketing right. For more info regarding the template, click here.

Click here to use this template.

Happy Social Media Marketing! 

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