The acronym “SEO” has been thrown around a lot but, companies fail to achieve desirable results. The reason being half-knowledge and lack of proper planning. Zapty has created a template to help firms in setting up a proper framework. It is based on Jason McDonald’s SEO Fitness Workbook 2017. 

The template contains steps which help you gather keywords, differentiate educational and transactional keywords and, finalize core keywords. Apart from this, it also covers information regarding home page optimization and website structure optimization. 

All of the above is to be derived from the Business Value Proposition. The template will help you arrive at decisions based on the firm’s offerings, customer segments. More importantly, it will help you set goals you intend to achieve through the firm’s website. 

Lastly, it will help you with content creation and link building. So, start working towards SEO with the help of this template. For more info regarding the template, click here.

Click here to use this template.

Enjoy the SEO experience!

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