Earlier, we taught you how to create and attach labels. Now, when labels are a dime a dozen it just undermines the premise of labels. 

Creating umpteen number of labels and not removing those which no longer hold relevance makes it cluttered. So, in order to avoid such topsy turvy situations, it is necessary to remove labels. 

For instance, Melanie has attached labels to various tasks which no longer serve any distinction. She now wants to remove the labels. So, instead deleting the task altogether, she can now remove the labels. All she needs to do is reverse the process.

We will now show you how to remove labels for each of the items.

The above gif demonstrates removing labels from files. Follow the same when you need to remove labels from messages.

Now, let’s learn how to remove labels from tasks in a jiffy. 

Also, labels can be  attached to polls and approvals. Polls and approvals come under the category of tasks. So, in order to remove them follow the same steps. 

So, as evident from the above image, polls and approvals appear under the tasks tab. 

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