Poor management of tasks leads to sloppy work. This in turn becomes a predicament for an organization. Though, the old business adage ‘Quality over quantity’ is used by many, it’s hardly followed. 

It’s for this reason, we have the ‘Labels’ feature in Zapty. Now, you can create labels and attach them to tasks, polls and approvals. 

We’ll show you how to do this. 

Head over to ‘Labels’ in the sidebar. As the screen appears, click ‘Add label’. A small window like the image will appear.  

Enter a suitable name. Keep in mind that it should signify priority. For example, ‘End of Day’ or ‘Client acquisition’ would speak volumes. Now, select any colour for differentiation. 

Depending on the nature of work, you can make the label private or public. Click ‘Create’ and there a you go, a label is created.

Apart from labels, you can also create a child label under the main label. For instance, now that our main label is ‘End of Day’, a child label named ‘review’ can be created. This sorts out priorities and is better organized. 

As you place your cursor, a submenu will be displayed. Click ‘Create child label’ to create a label that will be nested under the main label. 

We’ll also show you how to attach a label. For the example, we will show you how to attach a label to a task.  

As you open the task, you will see the ‘Labels’ option with an ‘edit’ icon. 

On clicking it, a window like one below will appear.

Type the name of the label of the label and attach it. 

Once a label is attached, you can view the tagged tasks. To do this, head over to ‘Labels’ in the sidebar. 

As you place your cursor on the task, a menu appears. Click ‘View tagged tasks’. 

On clicking it, a screen like this would appear. 

Now, you can see that the task which is tagged to a label in the project. 

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