Add Frequently Used Labels to Favourites 

Labels are significant in prioritizing files, messages and, tasks. More often than not, there are some labels which are used frequently. Therefore, in order to group them under one place, we have introduced the ‘Add to favorites’ feature for Labels. 

Let’s run through the process and see how it’s done. 

Head to the ‘Labels’ view and place the cursor on the hover of a label. After doing so, a context menu such as the one below will appear. 

Click ‘Add to favorites’ and the label is added to ‘Favorites’. After a label is added to favorites, it appears under ‘Favorites’ in the sidebar. Below is an image of the same.

If you do not need them in favorites, you can always remove them. To do so, click the arrow next to the label and click ‘Remove from favorites’. Refer the below image for the same. 

Let’s understand the usage of this feature better with a scenario. 

Ryan heads the digital strategy team at a firm. He has added a couple of labels like ‘End of Day’, ‘Priority- Critical and High’, ‘To be reviewed’ and, ‘Immediate Attention Required’. He wants to add these labels as favorites so that everything is in place. 

To do so, he has to head to the ‘Labels’ view. Next, he has to place the cursor on the hover of the label. In doing so, he will find a green box pop up with three dots which opens the context menu. He has to click ‘Add to favorites’ and voila! The label is added to favorites. He has to do the same for all other labels as well.

Now, that we have learned to add labels to favorites, let’s learn to remove them with the help of a scenario. 

Nigella is a senior copywriter at a firm. She had created a couple of labels to serve as reminders. She now wants to delete the label ‘Changes to be made’. In order to so, she has to click the arrow next to the label under ‘Favorites’ and click ‘Remove from favorites’. 

Watch the video below to have a hands-on comprehension of the same. 

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