Zoom integration for video conferencing and screen sharing

  • Zoom has various plans for users. For info on their pricing plans, click here

Note: Subscribe to one of Zoom’s paid plans to be able to integrate with Zapty. The free plan does not provide access to REST API. 

Steps to retrieve API Key and API Secret from your Zoom account

Follow these steps to setup and integrate Zoom in Zapty

  1. Sign Up/Sign In to Zoom at https://zoom.us/ 
  2. Find the REST API section in the menu. 


     3.  Zoom requires a paid plan to enable the REST API access. 

     4.  If you are able to access to REST API, you will  be able to see the button “Enable API Integration”. If that isn’t there, you will see API Key and API Secret. 

    5.  If you are not able to see the API Key, click the enable API Integration     button. You will now be able to recover the API Key and API Secret which is a must. 


6.  Once you have the API Key and Secret, enter the same on the Zapty           Zoom  integration screen. Next, enter the mail ID registered with Zoom.     Click  the ‘Test’ button and apply the settings. 

Note: The REST API is only available for paid plans. The starter paid plan being Pro, the REST API is available in all other plans. 

Initiating a ZOOM session on Zapty

  1. After Zoom integration is successful, go to the one to one chat window and click the menu icon (look for the + icon). Select Zoom or other custom title given. Refer the image below for the same. 

2. After clicking the Zoom option from the menu, the meeting kicks off. The host has to share the link with others for them to join the meeting. The other members don’t have to configure the Zoom integration to join the meetings.

3. The Zoom integration configured by a person remains privy only to them.Once the Zoom integration is over. All accounts of the person will have Zoom pre-configured. 

NOTE: This integration is possible using an individual account. Thus, only members who have configured Zoom integration will be able to see the Zoom option in the menu. 


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