Zapty offers Skype as an integrated tool for distant one to one communication. Here are the steps, one needs to follow to ensure that Zapty is pre configured. 

1. Configure Skype ID in Your Profile to receive Skype calls

Update your Skype ID in your profile. Also, make sure the other person whom you want to communicate with has done the same.      


2. Skype call in a One to One conversation with a person

After updating the Skype ID, go to one to one chat window with the         person whom you want to communicate with. 


 Click ‘Skype’ to start a session, a prompt window will appear asking you to take action. Below is a sample image of the same. 

On clicking ‘Open Skype’, the Skype application opens in the background. 

 After ‘Open Skype’ is clicked, a final confirm window will appear like the one below. 

3. Problems and Troubleshooting

 In case, Skype isn’t working; following could be the possible reasons:

  1. The other  person hasn’t updated their Skype ID. 
  2. Ensure the Skype application is installed; Skype option may be visible in the menu in some cases but it won’t work. 
  3. Skype is only available in one to one chat. It is unavailable in Teams/Tasks and Discussions. 
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