How to Make a Zap using the Zapty App

  • Assuming you have the Free or Paid Zapier account setup
  • You need to first login to your Zapier account at 
  • To create a custom Zap you need to click on "Make a Zap" in Zapier
  • In our example, we will Make a Zap to add a message in a discussion when a task is moved to a given stage in the project
  • Search for the Zapty app as shown below
  • Next you need to select a trigger
  • The following triggers are available for the Zapty app
  • Here we need to use the Task Update trigger
  • Next connect to a Zapty account, and Authorize Zapier to access the account
  • Once you authorize, you need to setup the trigger
  • Here you need to select the the context.

If you select "Specific" then you can select the team / discussion / project you want.

  • Next you need to verify the configuration; click Continue
  • Once the test is successful you get this message
  • Next you need to select the Zapty app again for the Action
  • Select Create Message
  • Again select the account
  • Then setup the discussion where you want the message to be posted
  • Click continue and test the Zap
  • On success you get a message
  • Hit finish and then Turn On the Zap
  • Your Zap is ready

Similarly, setup Zaps your your use cases.

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