Ever felt that you weren't able to complete the tasks on time? Worry no more!
If you are an Entreprise Plan user, the Harvest Integration will come to your aid.  

Harvest is a time tracking tool which enables users to time tasks and project completions. To access the same, head to 'Integrations' in the sidebar and click the same. Below is a demo of the same. 

The Harvest Integration can only be enabled by the admin of an Entreprise Plan Org. You can upgrade to the Entreprise Plan if  you wish to you use the integration. 

Go to www.getharvest.com and set up an account. After setting up an account, follow the steps below to use Harvest. 

  1. To use Harvest, head to a task and click 'Start Timer' under 'Time Tracking'. 

After doing so, a window like the one below will appear.

2. After signing in, you will find a second window appear. Below is an image  for reference. 

Click 'Create This Project' to start tracking project time. As visible from the below image, you need to fill in project details such Client name, Project Name, Project Code(optional), and Dates.

Adding further, you will need to fill the details according to the project type. You will also have to specify the fee chargeble - Hourly rate or fees, budget. Check out Harvest to know more. 

Depending on stakeholders who should be associated the project, you can decide whom to grant permissions. 

Further, you should decide the task type from the list of available options. 

After adding the task category, add members to the team as well. Remember, to inform all the stakeholders of the project to create a Harvest account, to add them. 

Finally, after getting right, click 'Save Project' and you are good to go. Once a project is created, the timer will work for all projects. The admin need not create projects every time in Harvest. 

Starting the timer 

Members can directly start the time once the org admin has created the project in Harvest.
To start the timer, click 'Start Timer'.  On clicking the same, you will find a small timer screen as the one below. 

Click 'Start Timer' to set the timer rolling. 

Stopping the timer in Zapty

To stop the timer, Click 'Stop timer' under 'Time Tracking'. Below is an image for reference. 

After clicking the same, a small Harvest window like the one below will appear. 

Let's understand the use of the feature with the help of a scenario.

Christina is a project manager at a firm. She needs to deliver a project to a client. To ensure that, the project is completed on time, she decides to time track the project using Harvest. After creating the project in Harvest, the timer in Zapty is in sync with Harvest.

Now, the project members can use the timer to efficiently manage the completion of tasks. 

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