Google Hangouts is one of the integrations in Zapty. Distant communication is now easier with Hangouts. It is useful for one-to-one communication with other members. To setup the integration, follow the below instructions.

1. Configure Hangouts ID in Your Profile for people to call you in One on One conversations

Update your Hangout ID in your profile. To do this go to ‘Your profile’ and include it. To communicate with the other person, inform them to update their Hangout ID. Below is a sample image to help you locate the same.

2. Hangouts in a One on One conversation with a person

Once done with the first step, go to the one-to-one chat window and click the menu option. 

The ‘Hangouts’ option to communicate will only appear if the other person has also updated it. 

Once you click the ‘Hangouts’ option, a prompt window like the one below will appear. 

After clicking start, invite other people to join the Hangout session.

3. Problems and Troubleshooting 

  1. In case, the Hangout menu isn’t visible; inform the other person to update their Hangout ID. 
  2. Hangout sessions are only possible on the desktop version. Due to technical limitations, hangout sessions are not supported by Mobile devices. Despite this, one can download the Hangout app; use the generated URL to join Hangout meetings. 
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