Google Drive is connected to Zapty for document sharing and storage of files. This famous cloud storage service is accessible in Zapty. To access Google Drive, a Gmail account is a must. The Google Drive is integrated with Zapty. 

With Google Drive, file sharing with people is easier than ever before. 

Google Drive files or folders can be accessed in a couple of ways. Below are the following ways:

  1. Google Drive Detection: Whenever a file is uploaded, the Google Drive file is detected. Below is an image of the same. 


On clicking ‘Yes’, the file will be uploaded. Below is an image of the file uploaded. 

2.  Copy and paste the shareable link in the messages tab.  

Google Drive can also be accessed via Zapty. Follow the demo to learn the same.

All Google Drive files and folders are at your fingertips. Files can be uploaded with ease in Zapty. Be it image, document or file; they are shareable in Zapty.  Work will never face any interruptions. For info on uploading normal files, click here

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