FaceTime is one of the integrations that Zapty offers. Follow the below steps, to ensure FaceTime is configured for your Zapty account. 

1. Configure Apple ID(FaceTime) in Your Profile for someone to call you

To communicate via FaceTime, one has to create an Apple ID. After creating the same, it needs to updated in the user profile of the respective people who want to communicate via Facetime.         

2. Facetime in a one to one conversation with a person

Once you have updated the FaceTime ID, go to the one to one chat window and click on the menu option. Click ‘FaceTime’ to initiate a facetime session. Below is an image of the same.

On clicking the same, a window requiring to take an action appears. Refer the below image for the same. 

Click ‘Open FaceTime’ to initiate the FaceTime session or ‘cancel’ if you don’t want to start the session yet. 

You will find the call screen similar to that of a mobile screen. Below is a sample image. 

3. Problems and Troubleshooting

If you are not able to see Facetime in the menu option, the following are the reasons for the same: 

a. The other person has not updated their FaceTime ID. Inform them to update the details. 

b. FaceTime is a feature of Apple and only available on Mac and other Apple devices. Therefore, it won’t work on other devices other iOS and OSX. 

c. Currently, FaceTime is available for one to one chat. The option isn’t available for Teams/Tasks and Discussions. 

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