Ever been in a situation where searching through a pile of tasks and messages got you frustrated? Then all of a sudden you had your eureka moment. Although you didn’t remember the specific label name, you certainly did remember the labels that you weren’t looking for. 

That’s precisely the reason behind the introduction of the ‘Not labeled as’ filter . This filter can be found in the Tasks view, Projects view and also in the messages tab. The filter is found under ‘Current filter selections’ nested under the main heading 'Advanced filter'. 

Let’s understand its use with the help of a scenario.

Shane is a digital copywriter at a firm. He is working on a series of ads and he has created a task for himself. The deadline for the project was a few months away. He wrapped the project and carried on with his other assignments. He attaches a label to the task to assert its importance.

As the deadline is fast approaching, he gears up for the submission but is unable to locate the task containing the file. To make matters worse, he isn’t able to recollect the specific label but he certainly does know the name of the label it wasn’t named after.  What can he possibly do?

Well, here is the solution. He needs to head to ‘Tasks’ and click the filter option and head to ‘Current filter selections’, and click the drop-down. Next, he has to choose the ‘Not labeled as’ filter. As it applies, the results show up. 

As mentioned earlier, the above filter is found in Tasks view, Projects view and the messages tab. 

See the below image for reference.

This is a reference image for ‘Tasks’ view. 

This is a reference image for the ‘Projects’ view.

This is a reference image for ‘Messages’ tab.

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