Productivity means having the ability to access your search modifiers easily. We have an extensive list of keyboard shortcuts that can be used to navigate through these search options as well as toggle between views.

Ctrl+shift+2 = focus 1st pane
Ctrl+shift+3 = focus 2nd pane  
Ctrl+shift+/ = show or hide sidebar
Ctrl+shift+e = expand or collapsed second pane
Alt+R = In message view, if some feed is selected, this will open the thread/task if the selected one is thread/task else it shift the focus to the create message box
Ctrl+shift+S : Quick Search
Type: Discussions ( Approval, Tasks, messages, Poll, File, Team)
Type: Discussions <Discussion name> to open the discussion in the third pane.

Note: Type: is current case sensitive, i.e: "D"iscussion, “T”ask, etc.

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