Finding it difficult to search? Worry no more, as you now have the context level search. This will definitely make things easier. 

With context level search, searching for tasks, polls, approvals, messages and files has become easier than ever before. 

This can only be done in places where things can be sent or receive. The context level search is a part the global search. The global search is also known as quick search. 

Use Ctrl+Shift+S to open the global or quick search. Another way to open would be click on the search icon present to the far right of the screen. 

Check ‘Search within current context’ and begin your search. There are many options to get refined search results. You have 

 ‘Search By’ for searching by plan date and deadline date.

Dropdown options for plan date filter,

Dropdown options for deadline filter, 

Also, to saturate your search further, you can use ‘Date range’

It is to be noted that options like ‘Search By’, ‘Filter By’ and ‘Date Range’ appear only when you are searching for task. 

Awesome, isn’t it?  

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