At any given time, no matter what the role in your organization, you are likely to be participating in multiple contexts. It is impossible to keep track of all the activity without being notified in context. For this, we have provided Inbox - to keep track of updates in all the channels that matter to you. 

Unread Threads

By default, new threaded messages show up in the Inbox for the recipient in the “Unread Threads” view.s

Each thread is actionable. You can either decide to “Mark as read”, “Unfollow”, or “Reply”.

You can "Mark as read" individual threads.

To keep the interface clean and de-cluttered, you can also Clear read threads once you mark threads as read.

Recent threads

All “read” threads can also be viewed under Recent threads; where all read and unread threads appear as per chronological order of most recent thread activity.

Recent threads is a series of read threads in chronological order (latest on top):

However, for contextual threads in a Team or Project or Discussion or a Task we have provided a preference. If you want to view the Threads TAB in contexts then you can choose to view them.

Thread Preference

Once you choose to view it; you could also set the default view as "Recent threads" or "Unread threads" based on what you are comfortable with.

A response can also be for a message to initiate a thread;  Michelle has sent this message and Neeraj can read and respond to it.

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