We have made an addition to profile preferences wherein, you can now choose to auto mark unread and newly received messages as read. In order to do so, head over to profile preferences and scroll down to ‘Auto mark as read options for thread’. Here is an image for reference. 

Below is a demo of the same.

There are two options - the first one won’t mark the thread as unread while the second will mark the thread as read after the stipulated time. You can choose the time from the drop-down below. 

Below in an image for reference. 

As visible from the above image, the drop down has options like 1, 5, 10, 15 seconds. The time selected here will be the waiting time before the message is marked as read. 

Here is an illustration showing the auto mark function. Continuing from the previous illustration, the wait time has been set to 5 seconds. Watch below to have a hands-on understanding.

Let’s understand the feature with the help of a scenario. 

Michelle has been using Zapty for a while now. She usually receives messages which are usually long. They contain instructions and end up take up a long time to read. She wants the messages  not be auto read immediately after opening it. 

Therefore, she has two ways to go about it. 

Solution 1 

She can choose the first option ‘Don't mark thread as read when opened in right pane’. This way all messages will not be marked auto read. She can manually mark it as read after reading it. 

Solution 2 

Here, she chooses the second option ‘Mark thread as read when viewed in right pane’. This option allows choosing your preferred wait time. There are options like 1, 5, 10 and, 15 seconds. To allow her to read the message at ease, she can set the wait time as ahead as 15 seconds.

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