Files are invariably a vital tool for documentation of things. They serve as a potent tool aiding communication and delegation. Day in day out, firms send and receive files and over time they pile up. 

It’s a given that people get overwhelmed when looking for files. There are also instances where people had to pull off all-nighters while searching for files. Unfortunately, for some, it’s back to the drawing board. If you too are feeling the heat, worry no more because now we have a solution. 

With the introduction of the sub-direct and direct filter in the tabs, file searching is easier than ever before. The filter in point can be found in the tabs where files can be received and sent. The two new filters are Files in messages(Oldest first) and Files in messages(Latest first).

 Refer the below image for the same. 

The filter is available in the dedicated files tab under Teams, Projects, Discussions, and Tasks. 

Let’s have a better understanding with the help of a scenario. 

Paul is a SEO consultant at a firm. His trusted client has requested for a file pertaining to a project. As Paul remembers, the project was undertaken last year. Looking for it, one by one would take ages to find. 

So what can Paul do?

He can either go to projects or discussions. Head to the dedicated files tab and set the filter to ‘Files in messages (Oldest first)’.  The files tab is a hub for all files. 

Here is another scenario. 

Pete is a market research specialist. He receives an email from the client asking for a report. Now, Pete had prepared it and had uploaded in the projects tab a while ago. He hurriedly looks for it but it was little to no avail. 

He drops us a message on Intercom and we suggested him to use the filter ‘Files in messages (Oldest first)’. He reverted saying that it worked. The files tab is a part of tasks, discussions, and projects. 


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