Files are invariably important for getting the work done. It's important that they are secured in one place. For better management and easy access to files, we have introduced a tab exclusively for files.

The files tab is available for Teams, Projects, Discussions, and Tasks. It is visible in 1-to-1 chats and threaded chats. 

This was introduced so that if all files can be accessed by all the concerned members. To make file search easier, you can filter views. You can search by 'Creation date(Oldest first)' and 'Creation date(Latest first)'.

You can also attach normal files and Google drive files. 

Here is a zoomed-in image.

This was done to ensure that the 'Files' tab is a one-stop destination for files. 

Let's understand better with the help of a scenario.

James is working on a project titled 'Social Media Marketing' for a client. He is part of a 10 member team. As previously decided, he is working on a task assigned to him. He has prepared a report and now wants the feedback from his team. He uploads a Google Drive file. 

Now, the team members really don't have to dig through zillions of messages to locate the file. All they now have to do it is to head to the files tab. They can either directly access it or download the file. 

The files tab can also help if your clients are a part of the projects or discussions. It is now less of hassle when communicating with external stakeholders.

It's given that there would be a lot of files sent/received. In such a case, you can filter it using 'Creation date(Oldest first) or 'Creation date(Latest first). 

Also, if you click on the particular file, a right pane such as the one below will appear, giving you an idea of the context.

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