Conversation threads can be in any one of the following work patters:

  1. In a task
  2. In a choice poll, number poll or a text poll
  3. In an approval request
  4. On a  file upload
  5. Annotations for an image
  6. Simply a threaded discussion/conversation initiated on a message

Once a work pattern has been created within a parent context like a 1-on-1 conversation, Team, Discussion or Project, you can initiate and review activity within that context just like you can within the parent level contexts.

Threading within tasks, Polls and Approvals

The task “Please review the SEO report” has threaded messages that could be attached images, or files "SEO report Dec-Jan.pptx" a message, as well as an audit log of what's taking place within the tasks context.

This could be actually part of a series of threads in a group/team conversation. Here we are collaborating within the Marketing Team:

Note:  Within a parent context, Zapty will roll-up conversations and activity to provide you with an activity log of the 5 most recent items. In Zapty, this is called your Most Recent Activity.

If you want to view more details around the task, hovering over the task ( or any other work pattern) makes the Reply button available. Clicking here, will make the third pane visible where you can view details that may be included in the tasks (checklists, the entire conversation threads, deeper level conversations, detailed audit logs) without ever having to leave the context of the team.

Below we can see this in action when we click into the task labeled "On-boarding for Walter":

The same threads can be created to build more context around polls and approval requests in Zapty. Below, we can see this in action for a number poll:

Threading around images and files

Below we can see a summary of the action around the image "Buggy-farmland" attached by Michelle. Again the most recent activity including the annotations or comments around the image are neatly organized under the image.

Another example is discussions for a PDF document attachment, given below

Keeping track of all your threads

Since threads can happen in any of these contexts , you might need to keep track of multiple threads at the same time. To provide real-time activity updates taking place in all the context pertaining to you, you can visit your Inbox view to access your unread as well as most recent threads. Read more about that here.

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