Neeraj's team has come across a new banner design for the company website. He wants to get that implemented for the website. He shares the banner image with the team with suggestions.

David checks out the design, after implementing the new banner marks the annotation A1 as resolved. 

The resolved annotation appears with a strikethrough as shown below

Neeraj reviews the changes to the banner on the test website and marks the task for the font change as completed. This appears as resolved with a dark grey annotation marker A2.

Neeraj also needs to get an approval for the banner from Michelle; so he sends out an approval request to Michelle (marker A3). 

Who reviews and approves as shown below.

Marketing teams and creatives

Graphic designers, website designers in marketing teams can upload images for review. Reporting managers can in turn annotate / comment on the images with the changes they need. The designer can work on each comment and mark each as resolved.

Architects and interior designers

Designers, architects can share images of their work with clients. Clients can in turn comment on the images seeking changes or even approving work done. Designers can complete and resolve; thus giving the client an update on the progress of his requests.

Fashion designers

Similarly, fashion designers can share their designs with customers for review and even annotate suggestions. Customers look at the design, read the comments if any, and further annotate on it to seek changes. Designers can work on the design; resolving each comment.

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