Why annotations? Collaborating on an image

Whether you are working on a web application, a website or a blog, or reporting bugs, you know that small details can make a difference. In a lot of cases, this means collaborating on screenshots or images before arriving at a final decision. Zapty makes this a seamless process by allowing you to attach screenshots (we will show you how easy this is in Zapty!), collaborate in context of the image, and create tasks from right within the annotation. For marketing teams, they is especially helpful in terms of proofing.

You have a couple of options when it comes to uploading an image into Zapty. Drag and drop an existing image into your conversation. Or take a screenshot, (command + control + shift + 4 on Mac and Print Screen,  CTRL + C on Windows), and paste it directly into your existing conversation.

Please watch our video tutorial on annotations to know more.

Adding a new annotation

Once you have attached an image to an existing task or conversation, simply click on the image and click on “Annotate” to start! In this example, let’s pretend that we are critiquing a design

Navigating through annotations

When commenting on content, be it a screenshot taken, a document screenshot uploaded, it is human nature to jot things down as and when we think about them. Zapty allows you to navigate across your annotations with a simple click back and forth.

Assigning a task on an annotation

Other than comments, Zapty gives you the ability to create tasks, approvals and polls on any images making the work immediately actionable and accountable.

Quickly jumping to an annotation

It’s easy to find the spot corresponding to the annotation logged to your screenshot view. 

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