Go beyond just image annotation; get started with annotating, resolving while discussing the contents of PDF file uploaded in any conversation. 

How is it done

Just click open the file...

... the PDF file viewer displays your file


On the top right corner, you see a green button "Annotate", click it to start annotating the document. Highlight the text to annotate/comment (text is highlighted in red). 

After commenting the highlight changes to yellow.

You can navigate from one annotation to the next as shown below; the focused annotation is highlighted in blue. You can use arrow keys on the pop window to navigate.

Resolving annotations

When you are done with the annotation and want to mark it as resolved; here is how it is done.

You can click on 'Open Chat' on the annotation pop up window; to open the Messages TAB. Here you see the comments made. You can see that the color of the annotation ID is different; the green (as shown for A2, A3) indicates 'unresolved' annotations and the darker grey shade ( shown for A1) indicates this has been 'resolved'. The text is also struck off for 'resolved' annotations.

In case you need to re-open any 'resolved' annotations; just click on the 'Re-open' button as shown below

Once it is re-opened the annotation ID (A1) turns back to green as shown below.

Navigating through annotations

For smarter review we allow you to navigate from one 'unresolved' annotation to the next without the clutter of 'resolved' annotations.
You could always click on any 'resolved' annotation in the Messages view to traverse just the 'resolved' annotations this time without the clutter of 'unresolved' annotations.

Use case of proofing a document

Neeraj assigns a task to Michelle to upload and discuss the Gartner report. 

Now Michelle shares the report within the task for discussion with Neeraj. 

Neeraj can view the PDF file uploaded in the task assigned to Michelle; make comments on various sections.

Can also send out a task to David for taking action updating the company website. 

Michelle reviews Neeraj's comments ; takes action and 'resolve' the annotations on the document. 

Keeping David's action item open.

Neeraj while reviewing gets a clear idea of open and closed items from the messages view for the PDF file.

David is yet to complete the task assigned to him. 

David in turn looks up the website content which is scheduled to be rolled out; verifies that agile related info is correct and good to go. Then goes ahead and marks the task as completed.

Available on desktop browsers only.

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