Like the Creator/Admin of an org, the Creator/Admin of a Team is privy to granular setting at the Team level.

Team Settings

 In the Teams list you get an Option called ‘Settings’ if you are the Team Admin.

This brings up the Settings page for the Team.

Team Controls available to Admins

  • Can member post messages/tasks
  • If you want members to send only messages and upload files then you need to set as “Only messages and files”.
  • If you want to allow members to send messages, upload files, create/send tasks/polls/approvals or utilize configured video calling then set as “All menu options”.
  • If you don’t want members to do anything except receive messages, files, tasks, then set as “None”.
  • Default for a new team is “All menu options”.
  • Can member Edit messages
  • While we have given a feature of allowing to edit a message that is sent out you can set as “Any member” if you want to retain current allow all to edit.
  • Or, set as “Creator of message” if you want only the sender to edit their message.
  • Default for a new team is “Creator of message”.
  • Can member Delete messages/task/files
  • Exactly similar thought here. Having given access to delete; you may continue same by setting it as “Any member”.
  • Or, restrict deletion of message, task, files only for sender by setting as “Creator of message”.
  • Default for a new team is “Creator of message”.

Team admin controls for default settings

  • Hide result for Poll and Approvals
  • If you set as “No” then while creating a Poll or an Approval the option to Hide result is defaulted to No. Which you can always change while sending the Poll or Approval.
  • If you set as “Yes, till all responses are received” then
  • If you set as “Yes” then the Hide Result is defaulted to Yes; while sending.  Which you can change.
  • Default for a new team is “Yes”.
  • This has been given to simplify sending Poll and Approvals; the sender need not have to think about this every time.
  • Default for a new team is “Yes”.
  • Allow recipients to Post messages
  • If you are sending out a task to a large group this is something that you may want to think carefully before setting this as Yes. This option restricts recipients of the task from sending messages/tasks or file uploads. However, if you do want them to ask questions or discuss then you do need to set this option as “Yes”.
  • If “Yes” it is allowed.
  • If “No” then it is not allowed.
  • Again it is just a default which can be changed while sending the task.
  • Default for a new team is “Yes”.

Apply changes in Team settings

Change any option you need to and click on ‘Apply Changes‘ at the bottom of the page. If you messed up, then just click on ‘Discard‘; which will revert change to what it was before you started making the change.

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